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Slate roofs and roof tiling in Bath,Bristol & Somerset area

Chinese Slate fixed here, We also do Scotch slate, Spanish slate,Welsh Slate + others
Slate re-roofing contractors servicing Bath Bristol Frome Keysham Somerset
Roof Tiling in Concrete Roof Tiles & Clay Roof Tiles in Southwest
Roof tiling re-roofing in Bath re-roofing Bristol Re-roofing Frome Re-roofing Keynsham

Re-roofing Services in Bath Area, Bristol Area, Frome, Keynsham & Somerset

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 Bpc Roofing Services are pleased to offer advice on the benefits of new 100 year Warranty

We complete an Insulated tiled
conservatory roof replacement service as well as advice and fitting of Insulated conservatory roofs and on conservatory roof insulation.
For more information on many roofing products, the roofing material manufacturers all carry online brochures and colour charts of many clay, concrete,plain roof tiles and many different varieties of slate.
Contact us about the 100 YEAR Spanish Slate Roofing Warranty from manufacturer including Labour Costs  100 Year Slate – Guaranteed to Outlive The Building
When you choose our premium slates we guarantee your roof for 100 years.With the average lifetime of a building being 50-75 years, your roof is guaranteed by us to outlive the building with Copper nails use & proper materials/fixings.

Spanish Slate with 100 Year Warranty on Roof
Slaters in Bath slaters in Bristol Slating in Bath Slating in Bristol
Velux Roof Windows Installation on Loft Conversion
Roof dormers in Bath roof dormers in Bristol roofing dormer Roofs
Rosemary Plain Roof Tiles Installed & Repaired in Southwest England
Rosemary roof tiles installed Plain roof tiles fixed small roof tile roofers
Slating & Slate Roof Repairs in Bath, Bristol & Somerset
slate roofing slate roof specialists slating re-roofing close pin slating slated roofs
A Sunroom in Edinburgh With Cupa Heavy 3 Spanish Slate Roof
Home extension roofing extension roof home extension roofers new build roofs

Roof Tiling & Slate Roofing Options in Somerset

Clay Rosemary
and clay pantiles provide an extremely sound modern roofing option.
Developed using a meticulous process utilising the latest in clay technology, they are designed as modern roof tiles.
They create a striking look in either Terracotta or Black with all the character of a natural clay tile, they are designed to mellow with age.
We have several suppliers of these fine looking
Clay Roof tiles, with umpteen varieties of colours and various styles.
Call us at your leisure for a no obligation quotation.
A Spanish slate Cupa Heavy 3 is a unique slate produced in the same quarry as Cupa 3, but is split to a thickness of 8-10mm. It is specially produced for the Scottish market as an alternative to Ballachulish Scotch slated roof, but is also ideally suited to Ireland’s landscape and Atlantic climate.
Heavy 3 is suitable for commercial projects and residential developments. Its ability to combat dampness also makes it a favourite for conservation projects throughout the UK with 100 YEAR manufacturer roofing warranties
Good Scotch slate is becoming harder and harder to come by and most
Scotch slate is now at their end times, breaking up and going "soft".There are numerous options available when deciding on a roof. Most popular manufacturers are Marley Roof Tiles and Redland Roof Tiles. Various factors such as practicality, suitability and cost all contribute to the final decision as to what materials should be used.
Natural slate undeniably provides an incredibly aesthetically satisfying effect.
Building a new house extension?

Metrotile Conservatory Roof Conversion & Insulated Solid Tiled Roof System.
Lightweight roofing problems lightweight roof tiles lightweight roofs installed
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Conservatory Roof with Tapcoslate lightweight Roofing Systems
House extension roofers new build house roof tilers new home build roofing

Dormer Roofs in Bristol, Bath, Frome, Keynsham & Somerset

Building a new Roof Dormer Extension? In our experience roof dormers & waterproofing these dormers to last a long time are one of the most problematic types of roofing projects a roofing company encounters, not only is there usually an Insulated flat roof, but vertical dormer windows, which to be waterproofed correctly have to be done in Lead, the hidden gutters in the perimeters also.
Call BPC ROOFING SERVICES for  experience and knowledge in these matters.
 Building a new home extension? Many house extensions we encounter are built with roof pitches too shallow for the materials like slate or ordinary roof tiles, many Architects are not aware of this and we have changed roof specifications on many occasions after highlighting these issues.On two storey buildings or higher the height of the second storey window sills often determine the builders height for the home extension roof, meaning if your roof pitch is less than 22.5 degrees-in our considerable experience you will further down the road have roof problems manifesting as cracks in your ceiling, odd stains in the ceiling, cracks on walls or dark patches on walls & ceilings and these are just underlying roof problems only detected by experienced roofing professionals.
If your new home extension or house extension roofs are under 22.5 degrees, you need a special roofing material, like Forticrete Centurion which can be fixed to a home extension roof with as little as 10 degrees of roof pitch.

We also fit Decra Tiles & many other lightweight roofing productsincluding Metrotile, Supalite & Cedar Shingles
Call us today on
07922 635920 and discuss our range of products and services, from tiling a dormer loft extension in Plain tiles to a Garage Re-roof  and large conservation projects.

We complete the following:

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Slate roofing in Frome Slating roofs-Roof Tilers near me
Slate roofing in Keynsham Slating roofs-Roof Tilers near me
Slate roofing in Shepton Mallet Slating roofs-Roof Tilers near me
Slate roofing in Bristol Slating roofs-Roof Tilers near me
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Slate roofing in Somerset Slating roofs-Roof Tilers near me
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